Lord Nelson Heritage

History of Pubs 

Pubs have played an important part in Australian sock-cultural history & identity. They were the first thing constructed in newly colonised areas in Australia and the towns were built around them. They were at the heart of the community functioning as a meeting place, a post office and a hostelry. Nowadays it remains it's traditional role and greatest strength; to provide a place to meet, talk, socialise and have a drink!

Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson

The legendary Lord Nelson is arguably the most famous royal naval admiral. His victory at the Battle of Trafalgar solidified his legendary status to become one of Britain's greatest military heroes. A poster printed in 1805 declares that Admiral Lord Viscount Nelson is "the most renowned, most gallant and ever to be lamented hero". We treasure the rich heritage of the pubs namesake and his memorabilia and other objects are on display in The Lord Nelson room and throughout the pub. 

Traditional English pubs displayed colourful signs to identify a public house when a large proportion of people were illiterate. Common imaged included famous battles (e.g. Trafalgar) and national heroes. Our pubs namesake Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson is an archetypal example of this tradition. His portrait is the ventral feature on our colourful, traditional English pub style sign. 

Heritage of Building

The Lord Nelson is an iconic Geelong pub that bears architectural and historic significance in the local community. In 1849 the first pub was established on this site and has continued the tradition for over 164 years. Rebuilt in the 1920's, the current facade is almost 100 years old and is listed on the Victorian heritage register.

The Lord Nelson was once a local favourite and since reopening the doors we've had countless amount of people recalling their great times at The Nelson. 

We've heard fascinating stories, fond memories and interesting facts about the pub as well as the history of other pubs in Geelong. 

The restoration of The Lord Nelson will continue to preserve it's legacy and add a chapter to the history books. 

Corner of Bellerine & Malop Street

Geelong, Victoria 

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